Glass Fusing Software

EZ Fuse is the only software created for Fusing and slumping glass in a Kiln.


Software designed for Fusing and Slumping Glass In Kilns. 

You definitely hit on a winning product - and the nice thing is, you don't charge an arm and a leg for it.It's reasonably priced and the support is great - as a customer, I totally appreciate that. I also work in the software industry and know how rare that is. You sure don't get that kind of service from ******** or any other bigcompany!


EZ Fuse supports controllers in Celsius and Farenheit temperatures.

You can define your own kiln...

...or pick your kiln from a giant list of kilns in EZ Fuse!

I've found that EZ Fuse also makes a great  project's awesome as is!


Kiln & Controller Manufacturers are encouraged to contact us regarding adding their products to this list!

Enter the size of your project, how thick it is and how many sheets of glass you are using, then simply press the Calculate button.

EZ Fuse will calculate how to fire your glass project, in your kiln! It will automatically include advanced fusing techniques into the firing schedule.  It will determine if your firing needs soaks while ramping up and down, if air needs to be squeezed out from in between the glass sheets, annealing and second stage annealing! It will include all the steps you need to make a great project.

You will see the firing schedule.

You will see a segment by segment breakdown of the firing schedule with generated comments describing what is occuring.

And just to make sure everything works well, EZ Fuse will show you Step by Step instructions on how to enter your new firing schedule into your controller for your kiln. It will show you what the controller displays, and will instruct you on what buttons to press.

My first piece was perfect.

There are so many variables...this is something I will learn.
Thanks for the program, it gives me the confidence to try on my own.


For Bentrup Controller users, EZ Fuse will show you the various controller sections which light up and will instruct you on what to enter. The example below is for a Bentrup TC60 controller.

Thank you for this program, I wouldn't be nearly as far along in understanding the process or the kiln without it and I am sure I would have destroyed a lot more glass by now!

Cheers - Sharda

And when you are ready to program your kiln, print your new firing schedule.

EZ Fuse files can be loaded by anyone else. The firing schedules will instantly adapt to their kiln! You can share firing schedules between Orton, Bentrup, Glass Master and Bartlett controllers freely. Celsius and Farenheit schedules can be switched instantly to you preferences simply by loading them, there is no need to do anything.

Fusing teachers can distribute their class projects via EZ Fuse files. Instructors can assist others via email now.

Glass Shops can ensure that new fusers have positive results with their new kilns.

Production shops and artists can store thier firing schedules in an easy to use format, don't lose your ideas!

You can override any segment calculated, and you can enter custom firing schedules.

For the tech savy, the profile editor allows you to modify the behaviour of the program